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"My kids started training with Abby a year ago. I couldn’t believe how fast she got them in shape and how much they enjoyed working out. The results they achieved made me wonder if Abby could transform a middle age woman into an athlete. Changes happened almost overnight. I am stronger than I have ever been, lifting weights I never imagined I would be able to, and enjoying every minute. It’s rare for a trainer to have a successful combination of encouragement and challenging goal setting. Abby has it.”
• Joan Kirk •  

"My entire approach to and knowledge of fitness changed after I started working with Abby. I always thought that personal trainers were for the elite or non-motivated individuals. Like most people, I used to exercise half-heartedly, or when I could get myself motivated. I’m working harder than I ever have in the gym because of Abby’s guidance, and seeing better results because of her expertise. Most importantly, I know I will continue to stay fit because Abby’s passion to health and fitness is contagious!”  
• Rich Duysen •

“I am much stronger and have muscle definition I haven’t had in years! It has also improved my running ability. My trainer keeps me motivated. I highly recommend him!"
• Lori •  
Not a MAXster yet? Then you’re missing out. Once you experience it, you’ll get it. Our trainers are a team and our clients like a family. Regardless of your fitness level, we can help you reach your goals. Whether it’s overall health, weight loss, strength, endurance or all of the above, our team will drive your desire to be better, while teaching you how your body functions and ensuring optimal performance. 

Yes, you’ll get tired, feel the burn and likely have that “day after” stiffness. Why? Because we’re firing on all cylinders, and helping you use the awesome machine that is your body at it’s full potential. 

All ages, fitness levels, male or female, any shape or size are welcome! We’re all different. We get that, so we train you as an individual. 

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